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Management Committee

The management committee is a group of volunteers. Many of our children currently attend or have attended the playgroup. 

The management committee is responsible for operating the playgroup: paying the bills, recruiting staff, and ensuring the safety and protection of the children.

We are also responsible for fundraising activities, like our successful Fall Fashion Fest event in October 2018 and our Halloween Walking Treasure Hunt in October 2019.

The committee meets approximately every four to six weeks during term time, usually on a Tuesday evening.

We also hold an Annual General Meeting every September. Everyone is welcome to attend the annual general meeting to find out more about how the playgroup operates. We will warmly welcome anyone who’d like to join the management committee or help out with the fundraising activities. 

New members can join the committee at the Annual General Meeting, and you don’t need to have any special skills or qualifications to join.  It’s also a great way to contribute to the future of our children, serve the community and make new friends!

Management Committee: Text

Committee Members

Ciara McKearney


Andrea Devlin


Una McKearney


Katherine McCaughey


Management Committee: List

Tanya Lavery

Colette McKearney

Donna McBride

Jane Gervin

Rosemary McQuade

Colette Lawless

Erin McCann

TG Troughton

Fiona Brown

Management Committee: List
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