Essential Info

Settling in

Parents are welcome to stay with their child to help them settle in. A settling in policy exists which is referred to regularly to help new children during a potentially difficult stage.


Break Time

This will be provided by the playgroup in the form of a healthy snack. Parents are asked not to send food or sweets. Please notify staff if your child has any special dietary needs and food allergies. Staff will work closely with parents to accommodate any dietary needs that the child may have due to cultural or religious beliefs.



It is recommended that clothing is washable, as the children will be using materials such as glue or paint. Clothing should allow for an easy toilet regime.


Medical care

Parents are asked to notify the playgroup staff if their child has been in contact with any infectious diseases. This is most important for the health and well being of the other children and staff. Staff should be made aware if your child has any significant health problems. Please refer to the Health and Hygiene Policy for further information regarding medical care.

In the case of an incident or illness it is imperative that the playgroup staff possess a contact number for each child. If an incident does occur the parents will be notified before any decision is taken with regard to treatment. In all cases it will be the playgroup policy to act in the best interests of the child.